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Learn more about K120

There are two distribution models that Repsol uses to deliver AutoGas to customers who want to use this fuel in their forklifts: the Repsol AutoGas container or in bulk. [AnuncioGas1] The 12 kg Repsol AutoGas container for forklifts is an excellent choice due to three major technological innovations: An internal filter, developed exclusively with Repsol […]

Learn more about K6

The K6 is the smallest, lightest, modern and the easiest Repsol butane gas cylinder to handle . It adapts to all your plans, it contains 6kg of butane gas and you can easily acquire it in a large number of authorised establishments (distribution centers, gas stations and stores). You will love it because it adapts […]

11kg propane gas cylinder

The 11 Kg propane gas cylinder is the right solution if you are looking for an efficient energy that gives you more heat and less consumption. With a high calorific value, butane energy has a combustion that respects our environment as well as offering the best value for money. This is the best solution we […]

35kg gas bottle

Known as industrial bottles, their use is increasing in the domestic environment for cooking in kitchens and ovens, also for hot water in boilers and heating. In industrial applications its use is widespread in plumbing, paving, ovens and industrial kitchens. In the technological aspect, this package incorporates a microchip that controls the data of the […]

The new butane gas cylinder

The new and lighter 12 Kg container was released in May 2015. It is equipped with a more modern design and is easier to handle than the traditional one. This new design is highly resistant, made out of light steel and plastic. It is also compatible with any butane gas installation. The empty container weighs […]

12,5 kg Gas Cylinder (UD 125)

The butane gas cylinder is the most used energy in household task as cooking (kitchens, countertops or gas hobs), hot water (gas heaters) and heating (stoves, fireplaces and wall-mounted gas boilers). It means a great economic saving because you only pay for the gas you consume, without fixed terms. The traditional orange Repsol Gas Cylinder […]

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