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Learn more about K6

The K6 is the smallest, lightest, modern and the easiest Repsol butane gas cylinder to handle . It adapts to all your plans, it contains 6kg of butane gas and you can easily acquire it in a large number of authorised establishments (distribution centers, gas stations and stores).

You will love it because it adapts to all your plans: both outdoor and indoors events since it is compatible with the facilities of traditional butane gas containers.

Its consumption is associated with the use in camping and caravan, and mainly with outdoor cooking (barbecues, burners, paelleros, etc.) although its use also extends to professional sectors such as plumbing.

6 kilograms of butane gas

For domestic use

Used indoors and outdoors, its use is increasingly common in campsites, caravans and boats (nautical engines and cooking).
It is compatible with traditional butane packaging facilities.
Cooking: Cookers, ovens, ovens, stoves, paella pan and barbecues.
Hot water: heaters
Heating: indoor stoves.
Engine: nautical engines (outboard LEHR)

Diameter: 31 cm
Maximum total height: 40,4 cm

The weight of the empty bottle is about 5,10 kg and it fills 11,1 Kg

Its price is fixed by Repsol.