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11kg propane gas cylinder

The 11 Kg propane gas cylinder is the right solution if you are looking for an efficient energy that gives you more heat and less consumption. With a high calorific value, butane energy has a combustion that respects our environment as well as offering the best value for money. This is the best solution we offer when your energy needs are not very high.

Propane has the ability to gasify at a low temperature, hence it is the best choice when the device is located outdoors, such as outdoor stoves or heatings. For gas boilers, the 11Kg propane bottle provides more heat and is ideal for business because of its high performance. This container is the perfect fit for small industrial uses since many of these devices’ high output require minimal pressure to work.

Its size makes it lighter and easier to handle, so you you can place it without any specific installation. It has the same dimensions as the traditional butane bottle but with a higher calorific value. It is mainly used in cooking appliances, hot water, heating, barbecues, warmers, etc.

It is home delivered through our agency and at points of sale. Just like the UD125 container, its price is also regulated. Regarding its design, it differs from the UD-125, having a black band painted.

11 kilograms of propane gas

For domestic and industrial uses. Especially recommended in cold areas, especially if the gas bottle is going to be outside.

Although its use is more common in homes it is also widely used in business.
Cooking: Kitchens, countertops and ovens
Hot water: heaters and boilers
Heating: indoor stoves and boilers
Industrial uses: heating, cookers and industrial ovens, welders, plumbers, asphalts…

Diameter: 30 cm
Maximum total height: 54,9 cm

The weight of the empty bottle is about 13 Kg

Its price is regulated by the Government.