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12,5 kg Gas Cylinder (UD 125)

The butane gas cylinder is the most used energy in household task as cooking (kitchens, countertops or gas hobs), hot water (gas heaters) and heating (stoves, fireplaces and wall-mounted gas boilers). It means a great economic saving because you only pay for the gas you consume, without fixed terms.

The traditional orange Repsol Gas Cylinder adapts to you and your home whatever your needs are. It is also quite easy to use, no installation required.

Home delivery can be requested through any of the Repsol Gas Packaging Agencies. It can also be purchased in the Distribution centre of your area, in any Repsol Service Stations or in any authorised establishments.

Its cost is regulated by the Government and it is updated the third Thursday of the odd months.

12,5 kilograms of butane gas

For domestic use

Mainly used in households.
Cooking: Kitchens, cookers, paelleros, and barbecues
Hot water: heaters
Heating: indoor stoves

Diameter: 30 cm
Maximum total height: 54,9 cm

The weight of the empty bottle is about 13 Kg and filled it is about 26 Kg

Its price is regulated by the Government.