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The new butane gas cylinder

The new and lighter 12 Kg container was released in May 2015. It is equipped with a more modern design and is easier to handle than the traditional one. This new design is highly resistant, made out of light steel and plastic.

It is also compatible with any butane gas installation. The empty container weighs 40% less than the traditional gas cylinder UD-125. It weighs only 7 kgs and it’s the lightest in its sector.

You still have the traditional bottle and home delivery just as before, and if you want to, you can change it with the new bottle.

12 kilograms of butane gas

For domestic use
It is consumed in liquid phase thanks to the valve on the cylinder.

Used in automation, forklifts and nautical engines.
The only container used horizontally.

Diameter: 30cm
Maximum total height: 54.9 cm
Height with adapter: 62 cm

The weight of the empty bottle is about 13 Kg

Its price is fixed by Repsol.

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